BORAM résumé
Hello. My name is Boram.
I am a designer of digital products & services.

I am a T-shaped designer trained in Carnegie Mellon University with versatile capabilities from design strategy to prototyping.

I balance critical left brain with creative right brain thinking. The left brain side of me thinks logically and sees structures to help translate designs into actionable code. The right brain side of me brings in empathy for people, and imagining the "what if?"

I like to give my best in whatever situation. Hopefully the design stories below will give you an idea of what kind of designer/collaborator/person I am.

UX Design for Hyundai Card & Capital
UX Designer
Design Research & Synthesis. User Journey Mapping. User Scenario Design.
Interaction Designer for MHCI Capstone Project
Design Research & Synthesis. Interaction Design. UI Design & Validations.
Design Strategist Internship
Trend/Design Research. UI Design. Information Architecture. Storytelling.
Prototyping Interactive Recycling Education
Tangible Interaction Design. Rapid Prototyping & Validations.
Using Shadows for Interactions
Interaction Design. Prototyping & Validations.